Dec '12

Gifts Glorious Gifts!

Posted by Fleur

Gifts and accessories from AvocaWhat's that? You haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet? Panic not - if you're in Aldeburgh come and see us for some gift inspiration.

We're loving the gorgeous gifts and very pretty accessories from Avoca this season - shown here are their Rainbow Cuff Gloves, Scotch Socks and Soap Bars. 

If those don't tick the box how about one of the following: Hats, gloves, scarves, snoods and stolls from Pia Rossini; 'Fluffies' - cuddly socks from Seasalt; Jewellery from Wish and Sandwich; and bags and purses from Nica (do hurry though because I have my eye on one of the Nica bags!).

And of course if you're still not sure what to go for, let her choose with a Fleur Aldeburgh Gift Voucher.

a taste of what's in store...

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