Oct '19


Posted by Sarah

It's fair to say that we are awash with colourful knitwear. I should also add that I was going to call this article Nice Knits but thought that might not be appropriate. Anyway...

First up is the long-line cardigan - which one are you? Selected Femme, Scotch & Soda or Part Two? I am Part Two on the right (sadly only in the cardigan sense) - it's a really useful cardy and works well over black jeans and trousers but also looks great over the tunic dress that we've got in from Sandwich.

Cardigans from Selected, Scotch & Soda and Part Two

Next up is this pink jumper fresh out of the box from Selected Femme today. There are several great things about this jumper - the colour, the gathered sleeves, the length (not too long) and the fact that the neck isn't too tight - we don't think it will be around for long.

Pink jumper from Selected

Let's go green next - these two jumpers below are from Sandwich. One chunky on the left and the other a softer, finer knit. This green (Sandwich call it Apple) goes well with denim hence the pair of Mom jeans in the middle from Selected. NB Mom jeans are high waisted and a more relaxed fit - because moms are so relaxed right?  We'll do a run down on denim soon.

Sandwich green knitwear

Below is an image from Part Two which does a much better job of showing off these jumpers than my photo could! The one on the left is so soft and also available in a pale blue/grey. The cosy one on the right is called the Tangier jumper and as you can see a wider neck allows you to layer up when it gets cold.

Part Two knitwear

More examples of colourful knits below both from Selected Femme and both at good prices - £45 for the orange one and £55 for the blue. If you consider that you can keep wearing your summer dresses by popping a jumper over the top then that's really good value for a new autumn outfit.

Selected Femme

Selected Femme blue jumper

If you're after something more luxurious Selected Femme have that covered too with this 100% cashemere jumper in 'Hawaiin Sunset' (hand wash only).

Selected Femme Cashmere jumper

We'll leave you with this Rainbow knit from White Stuff (lots of other patterned and plain knits in from them too!).

White Stuff rainbow jumper

Lots more styles and colours in store including more neutral tones, roll necks, fine knits and the ever popular Tocca rollneck from Part Two is back in a grey/blue and black.

Come and have a look if you're in Aldeburgh, new pieces arriving every day x

a taste of what's in store...

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