Jun '16

Victoria and Fairfax & Favor - buy online

Posted by Fleur

Lots of our lovely customers often ask why we don't sell online and the answer is that we currently want to invest our efforts in making the Aldeburgh shop as good as it can possibly be without the distraction of trading online.  We're well aware of the huge amount of time and resource needed to successfully run an online store so for the time being we're going to start piggy-backing on our sister shop O&C Butcher's website.

We've started with two very popular products - Fairfax and Favor's Regina Boots and the Dora Slip-on from Victoria Plimsolls. So do follow the links if you're after either of those and we hope you enjoy the online shopping experience with O&C Butcher, they've been trading online for years so you're in good hands! We'll be adding more brands throughout the year.


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